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Beddow provide two grades of survey depending on the requirements of the client.

A site survey where all trees on the site are examined but only the trees posing a danger are recorded and mapped including a description of the potential problem and a recommendation for remedial works. This type of survey is commonly used where the number of trees to be surveyed is very high or the client is working to a limited budget.

Complete tree survey where all of the trees are numbered, mapped and catalogued. Any remedial works are given a priority code which clearly shows the levels of risk around the site. This survey option is commonly used where there is a high amount of vehicular or pedestrian traffic or in other words on a busy site where the likelihood of a failure to cause damage is high.

Categories included in a survey are:  Tree No., Common / Scientific Name, Height, Diameter, Crown Spread, Crown Clearance, Age Class, Physical Condition, Structural Condition, Comments, Recommendations, Life Span, Priority Code, Estimated Cost, Distance to property, Water Uptake class, Tree Preservation Order number or within a Conservation Area, Obstructions.