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Tree Stump Grinder / Removal - 36'' (91.5cm) Access

36" Required Access Tree Stump Grinder Rayco 1645A stump may require removal due to its location, for example to re-instate a lawned area or to remove a trip hazard from a site. It may also be removed where a pathogen present poses a threat to trees retained in close proximity to the stump – certain Armillaria spp. have the potential to affect other remaining trees and would necessitate the removal of a stump hosting this pathogen. We frequently grind out stumps to allow for excavation works or replanting of an area with a stump occupying a planting position.


Stump grinding is carried out by a suitably qualified operative and involves a machine pulverising the woody roots immediately below the stump and severing the large lateral roots. The severing of these roots is necessary to reduce the potential spread of pathogens, this is why a suitable working depth must be achieved. Beddow Tree Specialists have a selection of stump grinders which are capable of meeting these objectives under almost any condition, even where access is restricted. The use of a stump grinder keeps the damage to the site to a minimum as digging requires a larger area to be turned over.

Tree Stump Grinder

The grindings produced during the operation are disposed of where necessary, and in compliance with British Standard 3998.

After stump removal we offer services to reinstate the hole to previous use either re-turfing or replacing the soil in 150mm layers. These layers are firmed by treading to reduce damage to the soil structure and over compaction. Once built up the material used to back fill is left level and stable and above all safe to live and work around in compliance with British Standard 3998.

36" Access Tree Stump Grinder