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Tree Stump Grinder / Removal - 27'' (69cm) Access

Following your tree surgery and tree removal we also offer a complete tree stump treatment and tree stump removal service.27" Access Stump Grinder

Tree Stumps can build up around the garden or just be in the way preventing further development.  When it comes to removing your tree stump digging them out is not a realistic option unless you have a mechanical digger.  Even when the stump is removed then what do you do with the stump and attached soil?  Firstly it will be very heavy and secondly disposal will be costly due to mixture of timber and soil.

So in order to remove your tree stump a stump grinder is the most effective and efficient way.  We have a variety of machines to cater for all tree stumps from a tiny shrub all the way through to the largest Cedar or Oak stump.  As access can be an issue our machines are selected for thier abilty to get through gateways or even carried through houses.  We can even lift our grinders over walls and fences (if the fence cannot be dismantled and re-instated to allow access).  

We currently have 3 different types of stump grinder:

27" - 68.6cm access required - known as our small grinder

29" - 74cm access required - our medium grinder 

36" - 91.5cm access required - our larger machine

Tree Stump Removal narrow accessThe small grinder offers easy access and a machine that is small enough to be carried down steps or over plants etc.

Tree Stump Grinding / removal works by cutting the stump into small slithers of shredded wood that is mixed in with the soil around the stump. The main body of the stump is removed and not the entire radiating roots.  However, when a tree has shallow roots which are prominant at the surface we can remove all or these.

After the tree stump has been removed replanting or returfing may be required.  

If replanting the grindings (arisings following stump grinding) should be removed and replaced due to creating a nitrogen deficiency during the first year following tree stump grinding.  Please ask our Arboricultural Advisors for more advice or to supply a quote to supply and plant a tree or shrub if considering this following stump removal.

When returfing over a previously removed stump then removal of the grindings is required again.  This is due to the stump grindings reducing in mass as they rott down in the soil, this in turn creates a dent in the lawn.  Backfilling of the hole is a careful balance of creating enough soil density to prevent / minimise settlement but not too much as to create compaction and reduce future grass development.Airbourne Stump Grinder Small

When asking for stump removal quotations from other tree surgery companies make sure the contractor specifies the depth that the machine will remove the stump down to.  We frequently come across old stumps that are left only a few inches below ground level.  Also check that a cable detection tool is used to ensure your power supply, telephone and cable TV remain intact.

We undertake all our work over the Leicester, Leicestershire area predominantly however if you have a sizeable job we will be happy to discuss your requirements if you are in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, or Rutand.