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Tree Felling

photoCovering all types of Tree works large or small, Beddow Tree Specialists have the expertise to complete all works to the highest standards.

Sometimes there is enough space for trees to be felled by using a directional felling cut at or near the base of the tree and allowing the tree to fall in a controlled manner. If this is possible and the tree is suitably weighted to guarantee no risk then we may employ a straight fell. This is the most efficient manner to get the tree removed.

The next step would be if the tree isn't weighted in a manner which we can 100% guarantee the falling direction. In which case we may add a pulling line or use wedges to again minimise the risk of it not going where we want the tree to go.

There still may not be enough space to guarantee the tree can be felled, in which case we would look at climbing the tree. There are 3 ways we can remove the tree if the space is constricted.

photo1. Climbing the tree and removing branches by hand and throwing them down into a space location. In this event, we take care to ensure that the branches are dropped in a manner which minimises damage to the ground. There are pruning cuts which we can use that allow a branch to drop in a flat manner, tip first or even where the cut was made. Often we would look to reduce the tree to a size where felling is then a possibility but when we are climbing we can be so efficient it makes sense just to remove the entire tree.

2. Lowering branches with rope systems gives us even more control. Branches can be attached at either end or even slung with multiple attachments so that the branch can be lowered at the same angle it was previously growing at. Branches can even be cut and lifted upwards in to the tree. This can be particularly handy with low branches over sheds or fences etc. This method of removal is slightly slower but can allow us to remove larger branches in a controlled state so can sometimes be quicker! Either way we will always select a removal option that is the most efficient for the situation / challenge we have in front of us.

3. Sectional dismantling ( is usually reserved for larger trees. Here we will often install 1 or 2 pulleys high up in the canopy to act as a lowering point. A lowering block will be attached to the base of the tree to allow for total control of even the largest branches. Branches will be swung under the lowering device and lowered down. At times we will even employ zip-lines or redirects to avoid targets underneath the tree.