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Here at Beddow Tree Specialists we don’t like nasty surprises, we much prefer total clarity. As such we give “Fixed Price Quotations” for nearly all our Tree Surgery / Tree Care jobs! Whether it’s a Tree removal, Stump grinding or Hedge being sheared we will clearly outline the job and put it in writing. In the event that we have made a mistake and under quoted the job we still honour the original cost. No hand written unreadable scribbles, no verbal estimates, just a typed fixed total price that we stick to!

Nothing is hidden, we always include the VAT element in the quote. A full tidy up and removal of all waste is included. If you would like to retain the Logs there will be no extra charge.

Your Quote is often received within a matter of minutes after the Arboricultural Advisors visit by email (Quotations can also be posted) so you can rest assured that if you want to make the most of our rapid service then you can.

If you have a visibility issue just let us know and we will endeavour to print out the Tree Surgery / Tree Care Quotation as required. We can also send multiple quotes to relatives so they can see we offer clear and simple tree surgery service. If you need to discuss your quote further then just give us a call we will be only too happy to help.

We have nothing to hide so if you would like to see our Tree Surgery Insurance then just ask, the Advisors carry a copy. You can also rest assured that we don’t cut corners. We undertake 1000’s of tree preservation order or conservation area checks and planning applications a year. We will not undertake works illegally as the owner will also be prosecuted and may even get a criminal record in the event of working without the correct permissions. You will be supplied with the relevant paper work after completion.

All our staff are correctly qualified for the roles they are undertaking whether it is a qualification for using a Chainsaw on the ground or in a tree, or being qualified to rescue someone from a tree in the event of an accident. We take staff safety very seriously and practise rescue techniques to ensure staff know exactly what they need to do and can react quickly. We NEVER use sub-contractors all our staff are trained and developed inhouse, we employ the best people to become tree surgeons with the right character that will only leave a positive feeling with clients. E.g. If you are struggling to walk down the garden to check your tree surgery works, they will be only to happy to offer an arm!