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Shrub Planting

Trees and shrubs are available to plant in a multiple of root types Bare Root, Rootballed, Containerised, and Air pots:

Bare root – This is where the tree is pulled from the ground and has the soil shaken off the roots.  It is only suitable for vigorous stock and will likely show some transplant stress for a few years after planting.  These trees can only be staked.  Availability is November to February only.

Root balled – Similar to bare root but a ball of soil is retained around the root system.  A proportion of the roots are left in the ground.  The newly planted trees are likely to show stress following planting.

Containerised – Not just black pots, there are white bags, Root control bags (RCB) and a few other types.  In this case the plant does not lose a proportion (small percentage of fine roots with RCB) of roots during transplanting.  The downside is that if not cared for correctly the roots may be wrapping around themselves or bound so tight the tree can never establish a structurally sound root system, in which case the tree will fail when the canopy gets too large.  The advantage is they are available all year long so if your prepared to water correctly you don’t have to wait.

Air pots – This system creates an equally radiating root system which cannot wrap on itself and is primed ready to establish as soon as planted.  Larger more expensive stock generally use this type of root system and again are available all year long.Planting bare root large stock

When planting we consider, the nursery line / planting depth, drainage, irrigation, soil additives such as specialist compost, mulch to reduce weed competition and retain moisture.  Its not just a case of throwing a tree into a hole!

Watering is so important and so commonly overlooked.  Consider a large tree in a nursery may be given 25 litres of water per day.  If the tree is then planted in your garden it cannot access the water in the surrounding soil immediately so it needs some water.  Even a heavy rain storm can have little impact.  We will advise you of a suitable watering regime for your tree, shrub or hedge.

We always add Mycorrhizae to the planting pit as these symbiotic root fungi aid enormously in tree development.

So if you are looking to plant a tree, shrub, hedge, bed, garden, woodland, arboretum or pinetum then get in touch as we’ll be delighted!