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Shearing Hedges


Shearing Conifer hedge on Top and FaceShearing Hedges - We shear thousands of hedges every year and some twice a year across the Leicestershire County.  Whether its a Privet, Yew, Leyland Cypress, Beech or whatever you can rest assured that we will take into account the cost implications, timing, and most efficient way to manage your hedge on a yearly basis.

If you have a flowering type hedge then timing of shearing is essential otherwise you are likely to have a non-flowering hedge instead!

Shearing Conifer Hedge Chamfered CornersDon't forget its really important to consider the nesting birds that may be living inside your hedge.  A careful inspection or keeping an eye out for regular bird activity in and out of the hedge will tell you there is an active nest.

Sheared Privet Hedge

We can supply and plant a new hedge for you as well hedge-planting.  Or if you would like to look at the alternatives why not check out the fences we supply and install.  Or if you are looking for a living screen thats a little different consider training trees or high level espalier.