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Sectional Dismantling

If you have a large tree that cannot be felled due to risk of damage, then it will require sectional dismantling.  Sectional dismantling of trees requires the most skilled tree surgeons as it can be highly dangerous.  It entails using large capicity ropes with, lowering devices and pulleys to enable large heavy pieces of the tree to be lowered in a controlled manner.  The tree surgeon will need to take into account the weight of the branch and loading put onto the rope system and the anchor point of the pulley device  attached to the tree.  This of particular importance when a branch drops onto the rope as the initial loading is far greater than the weight of the branch alone.  Shock loading the anchor point may also risk tearing the top of the tree where the pulley is attached.  Our groundstaff employ lowering bollards attached to the base of the tree to  control descent of the cut material even though it may be many times there own weight.  

Multiple lowering points may be employed to move branches horizontally as they are lowered above an appropriate area to descend to the ground.  Zip lines may also be employed to lower branches a considerable distance from the tree.  

Most large trees are sectionally dismantled and we undertake 1000's every year so you can rest assured our tree surgery staff are as experienced as they are skilled and qualified to undertake even the most extreme tree surgery works.