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Reducing Hedge Heights

We take great pleasure in maintaining many beautiful hedges across the county and carry out this important work to the highest standards using appropriate working platforms and adhering to relevant safety legislation. Start of Conifer Hedge Reduction

We have many customers who have shearing work repeated each year and we also reduce hedges that have become overgrown either in height or width. If a hedge is too tall or too wide for the position a two stage schedule is recommended by Beddow Tree Specialists, this is where the work is split into two stages to prevent the defoliation of the whole hedge.  Year 1 may see the width reduced and year 2 will see the height reduced, following this a normal annual approach can be adopted to maintain the new dimensions.

Conifer Hedge Reduction in Progress

In order to comply with British Standard 3998 Tree Work Recommendations we work in such a way that a minimum of disfigurement and dieback occurs. All final pruning cuts are in accordance with section 7.2.5 British Standard 3998 in order to work with the trees own response to heal pruning cuts.

It is important to us at Beddow Tree Specialist to act responsibly toward the wildlife who occupy the hedgerow. Their lifecycles and breeding cycles are planned into the works to minimise our impact on this habitat – this may be as simple as waiting until the birds have had an opportunity to eat the berries before we commence work.

Completed Conifer Hedge Reduction

Topiary is a speciality of ours where a very high quality of shape and accuracy is required often for knot gardens or specimen trees and shrubs.  see

Reducing Leyland Cypress Conifer Hedge