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Planning Permission

Planning permission relates to trees that are covered by Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or are in a Conservation Area. This means that any work to be carried out must be approved by the planning department of the relevant council. Any approved work must be carried out to British Standard 3998 by the contractors undertaking the work.

The application process can take up to 8 weeks for a tree covered by a TPO and 6 weeks for a tree covered in a Conservation Area. The only exemptions are if the tree is dead or dangerous, we would always recommend professional help to establish the actual condition of the tree.

Beddow Tree Specialists investigate the status of the site in regards to “Tree Preservation Orders” (TPO’s) and Conservation Areas. We frequently compile an application on behalf of the customer to have work carried out on trees covered by TPO or that fall into a Conservation Area. We provide a full description of proposed works including photographs where necessary and submit this to the relevant council for approval.

If you live with in Leicester City Council and you wish to check if your property has any protection orders on then please follow this link to Leicester Streatz click on the incon City Streatz (does take a minuet to load) enter your details as requested and you will be taken to your requested property, click on maps-layers at the top of the grey box and then scroll to heritage and conservation to be able to seclet if it is in a Conservation area or if there are any Tree Preservation Orders on site (it is advisable to double check with the council before commencing any work to trees, as the system my not be 100% up to date.)

Following an unsuccessful application it is possible to appeal the decision. The appeal is made to the Secretary of State and must be submitted within 28 days of the application decision. Beddow Tree Specialists can assist you in this process also, using all of our industry knowledge to help prepare an appeal of professional quality.