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Lowering Tree Branches

Tree Surgery done properly is all about accuracy of cuts and control of falling branches.  Crashing branches to the ground and squashing nice Acers etc is not tree surgery, just criminal!  Our team of tree surgeons are highly trained and skilled so if there is a risk of a branch falling and causing damage they will lower the branch on a rope.  our care and attention to detail also means pulleys are often employed to prevent rubbing ropes from damaging branches, as well as cambium savers to prevent climbing ropes from damaging the tree.

Lowering tree branches often occurs when undertaking  Crown Reduction or Crown Raising work.  It is particularly important on crown reductions where the branches may roll off the canopy and control be lost.  

Lowering is not always essential as there are many cuts that can be employed to create a controlled drop in a manner that will not cause damage.  Our tree surgeons may create a mat of branches to cushion other falling branches when dropped onto the mat.  Branches may be cut so they drop flat or bend slowly.  They can even be cut and then snapped off and thrown into a safe area.  You can rest assured that if theres a risk we take a safer option.  Even in the event of an accident we are fully insured and will work quickly to rectify any problem with a minimum of fuss.

If its a full tree removal then we call this sectional dismantling ( which is where even the stem is lowered by ropes to give control and prevent damage.

When undertaking technical jobs clients often report how much they have enjoyed watching the lads work.  We have even had jobs videoed or photographed showing stage by stage removals.