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Laying New Lawns

When it comes to laying a new lawn attention to detail is essential.  Here at Beddow's we are all a little bit obsessed with getting things right which is why so many people come to us to ensure they get the job done right!Lawn Laying preperation

when laying a new lawn care must be taken to ensure:

  1. The soil is of high enough quality to ensure good future growth.
  2. Level areas are very useful for tables and chairs or paddling pools so this is a good time to consider the slopes on your lawn.
  3. Deep rooted weeds can be a problem and often we will spray off the problems before starting to lay a new lawn.
  4. Creating a flat even surface free of large stones and with the correct level of compaction is essential for your new lawn.
  5. Using only the highest quality turf is the only way to complete an exceptional finish.

Lawn Laying ServiceWe can install your new lawn at any time during the year.  Winter is better for establishment but there may be delays due to the weather (we need dryish soil to prepare correctly).  Summer is great for ground preperation but means you will need to water (heavily if very hot and windy).  However the lawn could be usable in only a few weeks!

Give us a call if you would like to discuss a new lawn further and we will arrange for an advisor to visit and provide a quotation.

Laid new lawn