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Highly Qualified

Getting the right advice about your tree is essential. When considering how to solve a problem with a tree whether it is blocking light, the canopy is becoming too dominant with the garden, etc. Our Arboricultural / Tree Surgery Advisors will consider the impacts of a pruning operation so that the problem is not just solved in the short term but also long term. E.g. If a tree is pruned too much it will often shoot with more vigour, denser growth, larger leaves and will probably flower less (species dependant). So if the tree has been pruned to gain more light then within 3 years it may be worse than previously.

It is also highly important to consider that trees have periods of stress throughout their lives due to weather or ground changes, etc. So diagnosing a problem and not reacting too quickly is important, as a tree may take 100years to grow but can be ruined in only an hour.

The Arboricultural Advisors have formal qualifactions such as BSc (Hons), Higher National Diplomas, Arboricultural Association Technicians Certificate, International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist and plenty of experience of tree Surgery.

When it comes to tree problems we will offer honest advice, and give our opinion. But it is our belief that the client should be given the benefits or drawbacks of the options available and then allowed to make the choice.