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Hedge Laying

When it comes to hedge laying in Leicestershire, Rutland, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Warkwickshire we can offer a complete service.Layed Hawthorn Hedge

Laying in your local style or even as requested we can offer a complete hedge laying service.  

Length of hedge, amount that requires removal or access is not a problem as we are fully equipped with a range of chainsaws, strimmers, 4x4's, tractors, shredders and wood chippers.

Clearance of waste is not a problem we can either undertake this for you inhouse or specify a work program to suit your needs.

Stakes and binders help finish the hedge.  Natural binders from Coppice production are always favoured as well as stakes.  However, stakes can run out during peak periods so sometimes processed timber is used if clients are happy with this.

Layered Hedge

Infilling and planting new sections of hedges is also undertaken aswell as fencing so if a combination of works is required to make your boundary stock proof while working towards a complete layed hedge we can assist in all aspects.

Layered Hedge