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Hedge Creation

Rows of large conifers can get out of hand!  However, our tree surgeons will soon get them back into shape.

When managing conifers for hedges its very important to get them in shape early.  Most coniferous speices (except Yew) will not reshoot following defoliation and only have foliage at the ends of their branches as a result reducing the width of a hedge can be problematic.  Height is less of a problem as foliage is left around the side, whcih then grows upwards.  Conifer Hedge

Deciduous hedges (lose leaves) are often able to be pruned heavily in order to bring back into size as they will reshoot.  Care must be taken when heavily pruning the hedge not to cause too much stress to the plants and allow disease to gain a stronghold.  Timing of works is also very important as too much sunlight or pruning too late in the year will lead to stem damage or frost damage!

Certain broadleaved evergreens such as Laurels offer an amazing ability to reshoot and can even be layered to create more plants.  They are quick growing hedges and reasonably priced.  Their only problem is that they have large leaves which do not shear well!  Laurel Hedge

So whatever the hedge our tree surgery team will be able to offer the best options to regain control or manage it long term.

We also

Plant Hedges

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and can also offer high level screening using Espalier trained trees