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Fruit Tree Pruning

Leicestershire had many orchards in the past and some of the trees still exist in the gardens of properties throughout the area.  

Apple Tree

Tree Surgery / Pruning fruit trees takes 4 forms at Beddow's:

1.   Pruning to encourage fruit.  Different trees species fruit on different sections of the branch, so the form of the tree is pruned to encourage the growth that is bears the fruit.  The form of the tree is also carefully shaped to encourage lower denisty of branches and allow picking of the fruit (species dependant).

Pruning to encourage Fruit

2.   Pruning as a Specimen Tree.  There are only so many apples / fruit that you may require from your tree before it becomes a chore!  You may also be running low on patience from banging your head on lower branches when mowing the lawn.  We can prune the tree in a manner which reduces the growth rate and gives a fantastic show of flowers.  Fruiting will be of high quality but not too copious.

Fan pruned fruit tree

3.  Training, Espalier, Cordon, Belgian Fence, Pleaching.  Imagination is all that limits the style and form of your trained trees.  With a little bit of forward planning and careful pruning / training amazing results can be achieved.  When using fruit trees the fruit can be harvested too!  So whether its training against a wall or building to creating a free standing screen or row of cordons we can help you plan, plant, and manage your fruit trees or most other species too!


Espalier Pruned Fruit Tree4.  Renovation Pruning.  When a fruit tree has been heavily pruned for many years or just never pruned at all, renovation planting may be required.  Renovation pruning may require pruning to create vigorous new growth at a lower lever which will then be trained to the required form.  Or it may be a case of thinning out and reforming a new canopy.  Whatever is required we more often than not can give you options to manage your trees to suit your garden or plans.


Timing of pruning is important as well as determining the vigour of the tree so that the pruning regime matches the trees health and does not cause the tree too much stress, therefore risking death.  We will often need to see trees during full leaf to assess health and vigour.  Due to the complexities it is always recommended that our advisors visit your trees to determine the best course of action.

Belgian Fence pruned fruit tree