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Friendly Tree Care and Surgery Service

We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our service.

The protocol for working with us is:

Contact us

Call, email or fill in the “Get a FREE quote” form to the right hand side of the page. If its between 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday then we will get back to you within the hour. If it’s out of hours then as soon as we all return to work we’ll be in touch. Your Contact details will be taken at this point, but not sold on or used for email marketing etc. It is essential that you give us a telephone number that you will answer when we visit, so if we are running late we can warn you. Size of job is not an issue whether it is £40 or £40,000 so don’t worry your job is not too small.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday              8:30am - 5:30pm

Arrange Quote

When we call you back we will look to arrange an appointment at a set time on a particular day. If you have to re-arrange the quote just call and let us know. A brief description of the works required will help us select the best Arboricultural (tree surgery) Advisor to meet your requirements.

Advisor Visit

Your Advisor will arrive on site in a fully liveried vehicle and branded clothing. Please take care if someone knocks on the door and claims to be from Beddow’s Tree Surgeons as we have had problems with hoax callers in the past. We care for the environment so Advisors drive the most efficient transport possible, we do not use low efficiency 4x4 vehicles to carry one man to your site.

The Arboricultural Advisor will be an experienced tree surgeon with a formal qualification in Arboriculture. Knowing how the tree works and responds as well as how the job works is essential in detailing the job to be undertaken.

All Arboricultural Advisors are selected on their integrity. The business is built around giving honest advice for the good of the tree while offering the options to the client. We will not try and sell you work or impact on your decision for our own financial benefit.

Fixed Price Quotation

You will then be emailed if possible a Fixed Price Quotation not an Estimate, the difference is essential as the former will not change after the job has started the latter is highly likely to increase. We will honour the price even if we have a problem.

Booking in work

Your job will be booked on a day at your convenience morning and afternoon slots are available if you have a smaller job. Sometimes we will contact you to try and move the job to try and reduce the movement of vehicles and subsequent diesel use. We apologise if this inconveniences you but we feel it is worth the question if it helps the environment.

Doing the Job

Your job will be completed by an experienced highly qualified tree surgery crew. Our Tree Surgeons are all full time employees, we NEVER use sub-contractors. Most staff have joined us at trainee level and developed their careers within the business. We are very proud of the friendly nature and skills of our crews and if you check out our testimonials so are our clients. The crew leader will introduce themselves and then talk you through the works before commencing if required. Although a lot of the time clients just leave a gate open and as we are totally self sufficient we just go in complete the job, clean up well and then you wouldn’t know we’d ever been!

Paying for the Work

Upon completion if you are happy with the works you can pay the crew with a cheque or cash, or by calling the office and paying by Debit Card, we are unable to take Credit Card payments due to the cost of each transaction. Ideally if you wait for the invoice to arrive again by email then a bank transfer / payment is our preferred payment method, alternative post a cheque or call to pay over the phone.