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While there is no official difference, we would consider an Arborist to be a qualified Tree surgeon a formal qualification giving them a scientific insight into why they are cutting and where!

Not all fungi fruiting from the tree are terminal or may lead to a serious problem. Some however will do. If you see something that is not normal particularly in the autumn. Then it is safest to book an appointment and find out what is going on. Some fungi can decay the base of the tree and make previously structural timber resemble cotton wool! If the fungi is not significant we will tell you.

We undertake planning applications on your behalf for works in a conservation area and on Trees protected by a preservation orders or TPO’s as they are often called. As we put the application into the council digitally they recieve it instantly. They then have 9 days to acknowledge receipt. The acknowledgement date is when the timing starts for them to make a decision. Conservation area applications take 6 weeks and Tree preservation order (TPOs) take 8 weeks for the council to make a decision. This is to allow suitable time for 3rd parties to comment on the application.

Trees often outgrow their location and a crown reduction can be undertaken to retain the tree. Unfortunately, if too much of the tree is removed more problems are created, or the pruning if more accurately termed ‘Topping’.

Coppicing is the ancient craft of pruning a tree or shrub to create multiple vigorous shoots from near ground level, removing all or some of the growth. The winter period is considered to be the best time to coppice after the trees have dropped their leaves and also allowing a long period of re-growth before the following winter. Subsequent re-growth can be harvested between 1 & 30 years depending on the required use and species. Many species can be coppiced including: Oak, Ash, Birch, Hazel, Sweet Chestnut, Alder and Willow. The resulting re-growth is generally very straight and with younger growth also quite flexible.

Unfortunately the government stopped us being able to charge what the credit card companies charge us for each transaction. Usually around 2% whereas a debit card would be approx. 9p. As a result we had to make the decision of whether to increase everyone’s costs or to stop taking Credit Cards. We chose the latter as in our opinion it benefits far more of our clients.


“This firm carried out an excellent job of Pollarding our trees. They were very friendly and efficient, despite wet working conditions, and left the site exceptionally clean and tidy. Would highly recommend”

Google Review from Anthony Smith
29 November 2023

“Mike and the team were brilliant, from consultation of a 100ft beech tree that dropped a limb through to felling the tree and replanting of a replacement. Mike was extremely knowledgeable and sadly after a thorough assessment the tree had to come down. The team were brilliant and always tidied up after themselves, they were professional, reliable and very reasonable on cost. Thank you to Beddow, great job!”

Google Review from Fern Montgomery
23 November 2023

“Friendly and efficient team – did a great job”.

Google review from Mike Gould
23 November 2023

“Excellent work on three trees. Team turned up on time, worked quickly and efficiently, took great care to leave garden and drive clean and tidy. Very satisfied with work and cost, and very happy to recommend to others”.

Google Review from Doctor P
23 November 2023

“What a brilliant job the team of lads did in cutting back our apples tree and silver birch. I received a phone call the day before to let me know what time the lads would arrive and they arrived on time. They were polite, respectful and left the gardens neat and tidy, making sure they cleared away all the branches and leaves. Highly recommended and will certainly use Beddows Trees again. Thank you!”

Google Review from Beverly Tivey
22 November 2023

“The three young men who came to cut back a number of our trees were very polite and worked quickly and efficiently. We were warned that the removal of the branches and foliage through the passage between house and garage could result in some damage to the paint on the walls. However, despite a great deal of recent rain leaving the garden very wet and muddy, there was very little mess to show that the job had been done, so well did they tidy up after themselves (even removing leaves from my front garden which had blown in before the lads arrived). I will certainly use this company again.”

Google Review from Dave Leics
22 November 2023

“We had the most amazing service from this company from start to finish. The whole team were so friendly. Highly recommend to anyone!”

Google Review from SB
17 November 2023