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Deadwood Removal

Trees offer so many benefits to the environment both world wide and locally.  However, owning a tree comes with certain responsibilities.

As a tree canopy naturally develops some branches become surpressed by adjacent branches and the tree casts the branches off.  Initially the branches remain in the tree, which offers unique habitat for fungi, insects, bats, etc.  At some point the branches will fall from the tree which represent a risk to persons, plants or buildings below.  If you own a tree you have a duty of care to ensure that the tree is in a safe manner.  Domestic clients need to have their trees checked periodically by asking a a tree work proffessional such as one of our arboricultural advisors (not someone claiming to be a tree surgeon but only qualified to use a chainsaw) visit site and see if any works are required.  Commercial clients will need to consider safety surveys to cover their duty of care.  Dead Branches

When deciding whether a tree requires deadwood removal the potential targets should be considered.  If the dead branches are hanging above a road or public footpath then the risk to others is higher than if above a shrub bed.  

If your tree has high levels of dead branches then this may be due to another factor causing the tree stress, such as a root disease.

The Arboricultural Advisors here at Beddow Tree Specialists will be able to advise you as to which trees need deadwood removal and why the dead branches have occured in the first place.  They will also be able to advise you which trees can retain there dead branches for habitat use.