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Crown Cleaning

Crown CleaningCrown cleaning is a term that covers a variety of works and while it is no longer stated within BS3998 : 2010 Tree Work Recommendations it is still a work specification that meets clients needs.

In essence a undertaking a crown clean tree surgery operation on a tree will give it a good service.  While in the tree our tree surgeons will remove:

1.  All dead branches with a diameter of 1inch 25mm and larger.

2.  Any diseased branches which are not likely to recover or may spread the disease further.

Crown Cleaning

3.  All damaged branches that are at risk of failure.  Care is taken here as torn branches and cracks within branches can offer great roosting sites for bats and nesting sites for birds.  Our highly trained tree surgery staff and arboricultural advisers will make the decision as to the best course of action leaving the tree in a safe manner.

4.  Any dangerous branches that are likely to fail. 

5.  Rubbing and crossing branches that will casue a problem.

Crown Cleaning