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Conservation Areas

If you are undertaking work to trees in a conservation area then you must consider all trees with a stem diameter of 75mm (3 inch) or greater are protected. If you require to remove any living branches from the tree then you will require planning permission. It may be that this is just a formality and you will be granted permission without issue.

The planning application will give the Tree Officer the right to enter your property (if unlocked) and view the trees. Usually this is at their convenience. If access is required the tree officer will contact you for an appointment. If you are not given permission then the tree would have a tree preservation order placed on it.

We can undertake the Conservation area Application for works on trees on your behalf.

The time required to undertake a conservation area application from time of quote is usually 8 weeks. This is allowing 2 weeks for us to process the paper work and the council to acknowledge its has been received and 6 weeks for the council to process the application. Please note there is no shortcut unless the tree is imminently dangerous, in which case a 5 day notification can be used.

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Local Leicestershire Borough council links to find out whether you trees are protected by a Conservation area or Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Blaby District Council Charnwood Borough Council North West Leicester Leicester City Council Harborough District Council Oadby and Wigston Borough Council Melton Borough Council