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Tree Surgeon Leicester


Prior to forming Beddow Tree Care (former name) Michael Beddow undertook training at Brooksby College, Melton Mowbray, Myerscough College Lancashire and the University of Central Lancashire.  In addition Michael spent a year  to furthering his practical skills working in Washington DC, USA.  During his year in the states Michael worked on prestigious sites such as the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian Institute and was involved with the building of the Franklyn Roosevelt Memorial Garden amongst other famous landmarks.  When he had completed college and gained some more experience he set up Beddow Tree Care on the 1st of September 1999.

Initial equipment was a white transit van similar to the image, two stihl chainsaws and a set of climbing equipment.  Now as you can see from the group equipment photo things have changed a little!

Over the next 15 years the business grew significantly.  Throughout this time, Beddow Tree Specialists continued to invest in training and development of staff and even developed an inhouse Apprenticeship Scheme. Peaking at around 30 full time staff.

Beddow Tree Specialists then took a different route in the market. A smaller more efficient set up was targeted with its own base and yard in one place. We currently have 8 full time operatives and 1 committed to advisory role. Keeping the size smaller offers increased customer focus and a slightly less all consuming work load for the owner! As a result we are still able to undertake large jobs with upto 9 tree surgeons on a single site at once. But also the flatter structure within the business enables more contact between owner and employees to aid in refining and improving both staff and service.

Beddow Tree Specialists aims to minimise the impact we have as a business on the environment.
Currently Practise:
All paper and envelopes are 100% recycled.
Flyers are printed on 50% recycled / 50% FSC certified, using Bio Inks.
All waste paper and cardboard is recycled.
Facility for recycling of plastic / plastic bottles.
All general waste is hand picked to remove any recyclable materials.
Beddow Tree Specialists is a registered waste carrier.
All woodchip generated by Beddow Tree Specialists is either used to power our inhouse biomass boiler following a drying process.
All logs are either used for firewood or chipped and used for biomass.
We run two brand new vehicles with latest technology engines to reduce emissions.
M. Beddow has undertaken training for inspecting trees to determine presence of Bats.
Trees and hedges inspected by crew leaders for nesting birds.
We only use chemicals for herbicide / pest control when there is no suitable alternative.
We only use Plant based 99.9% biodegradable Chainsaw oil. This is particularly important when working near ponds and water courses. Koi ponds and their filters are sensitive to mineral oils and sawdust.
Chippers are only run when required and not left running on idol.
Chemicals are stored in the correct environment and disposed of correctly, not to be tipped or thrown down drains, put in streams or into vegetation / soil.
All oiled and fuel stored is kept in air tight containers that is kept in a over spill tray to further minimise risk of contamination with environment.

Future aims:
Run more efficient vehicles where possible. One day we hope to use electric vans. Repeated tests of electric based vehicles is undertaken with the hope that the market will be able to meet our needs for at least the Arboricultural Advisor mobile office by 2022.
Use plant based diesel.
To continue using modern practise where possible to minimise our environmental impact.

Horse Logging Project:
For the last 2yrs we have been developing 2x critically endangered Suffolk Punch and a small black Cob horses for use in managing a 35acre section of National Forest called Hollow Oak Woods in the Ratby area. The horses have to be acquired as young as possible (similar to a Puppy) so that we can work with the human interaction from as early an age as possible. This makes the horses easier to handle and offers us more options in terms of whom can work with them as they mature. The project aims to remove thinnings from the woodland and then maximise the product value to cover the cost of running the horses. Labour will be supplied by the business as part of our forestry operations.

Arboricultural Arboriculture

International Society of Arboriculture

Bat Conservation Trust

British Standards Institute

Suffolk Punch Horse Society

Rare Breed Survival Trust

Leicestershire adn Rutland Wildlife Trust

Our Charitable focus is now solely on the Horse Logging Project within the National Forest

Various Allotments where we supply Woodchip freely to aid in the site management